Cheers to National Drink Wine Day!


Today, February 18, is national “drink wine” day!  I say…okay!  This is totally a holiday I can stand behind.
I’m enjoying a glass from my favorite bottle of wine, Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc.
It’s a refreshing wine packed with both citrus and fruity flavors, pairing perfectly with most foods.  The label says it pairs well with seafood, but me not being a fan of seafood, I have found that it pairs well with chicken, pasta, meats and even hot dogs.  Yes, I’ll admit it, I’m that classy person who is having a hot dog for dinner.  Hey, it’s easy.
I discovered Kim Crawford about five years ago and ever since it has been my favorite wine.  I love it so much my fiance will occasionally surprise me with a bottle…or 2…or 3…or a whole case.  For Valentine’s Day, we tried the Kim Crawford sparkling wine, also known as Fizz, and that too was just as refreshing. Even if you are not a fan of bubbles, I would recommend trying it.  It is on the dryer side, but still has a bit of sweetness.
I am not a huge red wine drinker, but their pinot noir is actually very good, as well.  It is not as heavy as many red wines.
One day hopefully I will know as much about wine as my dad, who probably owns more bottles than any wine store in the area.
Cheers, Drink up!

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