My View from the Top of London


I’m spending a little over a week across the pond and so far I am loving it. The weather has been amazing; plenty of sunshine and not too cold. The last two days I’ve tried to spend as much time as possible outside enjoying this unusual London weather. I mean, I’m from Florida so I’m used to the sunshine, but when you think of London you don’t generally think of bright, sunny blueskies.

As I mentioned, I was determined to spend some time outside and sightsee. The day I arrived, despite the jet lag (wow, I was tired), I had some lunch and then hopped on the tube to the Westminster stop. There I made my way to The London Eye; it’s that’s big Ferris wheel looking structure amid a landscape of century old buildings. We made our way to the ticket line, which looked pretty long, but went quite quickly. We bought our tickets, just under 20 pounds, and made our way to the line to get on.

Again, this line looked long but wasn’t at all. We had purchased tickets and loaded into our “pod” all within 40 minutes, if not less. I was a little nervous boarding The London Eye because it does not stop to let passengers on, but it was all good, I’ve had enough practice boarding moving rides from Disney.

The views were spectacular, especially from the top. I was able to snap plenty of photos in the 30 minutes it took for us to make a complete rotation. We were able to see the city of London, the River Thames below and Big Ben and Parliament.



If you make your way to London and you are looking for something fun and unique, I recommend the London Eye.
Cheerio for now…

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