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Just a Walk in the Park

I am a huge fan of getting lost in a park; wandering for hours until I have to somehow recall which path or paths I must take to find my way back.
On my recent trip to London, which was a business trip, I was lucky enough to have just enough down time to explore a few of the parks the city had to offer. Just a few short blocks from my hotel were Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park.  I made my way through Queen’s Gate, a large maroon colored gate that separated the busy streets of London and the vibrant green openness.

Imagine a large city and all the noisy traffic, once you pass through the gates it’s as if you have wandered into another land, a peaceful, quiet one.  Each time I would visit I knew I was on a bit of a time limit so I couldn’t wander too far, which I would have loved, so I would carefully choose a path I could remember. I have a pretty good sense of direction, but the size of the park and the lack of my google maps would have made it difficult to make it back if I were to stroll too far.  On my first visit, I took the path to the left which led me to Kensington Palace where Will and Kate live. I was planning on having tea with them, but I heard they were out of town. I cannot believe they didn’t let me know beforehand, oh well.


I wandered the grounds of the palace a bit before i set back on the path further into the gardens. The trees were bare from the cold winter, but the grass was still bright green and colorful flowers were beginning to bloom. Everyone in London was saying it felt like spring, but being a Floridian, it felt like winter to me.

As I walked, I passed the Prince Albert statue and Royal Albert Hall before I decided to make my way back to the hotel in time for dinner.

I felt energized and refreshed. It’s so nice to just have time to yourself to think and enjoy your surroundings because so often we are stuck behind a computer all day.  I saw a lot of people on bikes, riding through the park. Next time I come to London I want to do that.
The Kensington Hotel was an ideal place to stay due to its close proximity to the parks, tube station and many of London’s museums.
The weather in London was beautiful!  I cannot wait to go back (or at least relive it in my next few posts).

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