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My Next Big Adventure

I am off to my next adventure…hosting a media FAM for 7 amazing bloggers. Part of my job is to host media in Kissimmee, Fl, to promote the destination and various campaigns we do throughout the year. This FAM is to promote the Rock Your Vacation contest; we are giving away a VIP trip to Central Florida to one winner and their entourage. Voting starts tomorrow.
Last week my co-worker and I finalized all the plans for the FAM. It is going to be an exciting week with visits to Gatorland, Fun Spot USA, Chocolate Kingdom, Orlando Premium Outlets, SeaWorld Orlando, Melia, Columbia, a hot air balloon ride with Orlando Balloon Rides and more.
This morning I woke up and had to finish up packing. I live about 20 minutes from where we are staying, but I still haven’t learned how to pack for FAMs. I mean, we are so busy it would be hard for me to run home if I needed something, so I bring all the just-in-case stuff and more. A little bit after noon, I met up with my co-worker so we could do some grocery shopping to stock the vacation home. However, before all of that, I was unpacking my car in the parking lot and was attacked by fire ants. Of course, it’s the first day of a FAM and something always happens on the first day of a FAM. My foot was so swollen and red. I’m pretty sure I am allergic to fire ants. The burning finally went away thanks to some antihistamine cream. UGH
Anyways, after doing some grocery shopping, we made our way to the vacation home provided by All Star Vacation Homes. We put welcome bags in each bedroom, unloaded the groceries and relaxed for a bit before we had to head to the airport to pick up our first group of bloggers. I chose my bedroom, it’s so pink and pretty!! I get to be a Disney princess for a week.  

The home is so cozy, I’m definitely looking forward to spending a week here.  Perfect amount of space for everyone!  Plus, the added amenities don’t hurt.

We went to the airport and picked up the first group. When we got back to the vacation home, we opened the door to the most amazing aroma of dinner cooking. A Chef of Your Own arrived at our home while we were at the airport and had already started dinner.

We enjoyed some appetizers and then once everyone arrived, in their limo from Southern Elegance, we sat down to dinner. We had Cesar Salad, Lasagna, and Tiramisu.

After dinner we all showered and sat down in the theater room to watch The Walking Dead. Perfect ending to a very busy day. Looking forward to tomorrow. We will be zip lining over gators, shopping and rooting for our knight in shining armor.

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