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Wordless Wednesday: Rising with the Sun (Hot Air Balloon Ride)

Hot Air Balloon Ride with Orlando Balloon Rides.




imageOnly time I am ever happy to get up before sunrise.image    image    image


Definitely the most peaceful way to start any morning, great views too!


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Because I’m Happy

The other night I was in bed, trying to fall asleep.  There are just some nights I can’t seem to get to sleep because I’m either thinking about my day or about all the things I have to accomplish the next day.  To distract myself from my own thoughts, I decided to read some blogs until I fell asleep.  Perfect strategy because two posts I read truly inspired me.

One post was a list of ways to be a happier person and the other was about how to relax.  Both of these I need to sometimes need to work on.  It’s easy for me to get caught up in the moment and stress about things that have gone wrong, instead of looking at the positives.  Why do I worry so much, when everything always seems to work out in the end?  I have no idea, but below is my list of ways to get a better handle on what stresses me out and be a better person.  I guess you could call this my mid-year resolution.

  1. Think positively
  2. Don’t over-promise or over-commit myself
  3. Stop comparing myself to everyone else
  4. Spend more time with positive people
  5. Be more adventurous and try new things
  6. Take things one step at a time
  7. Read and write more, watch less TV
  8. Stop doubting myself
  9. Be confident in my work
  10. Spend more time outside
  11. Keep in touch with old friends
  12. Surround myself with people who love and support me
  13. Enjoy quiet time to myself
  14. Travel
  15. Kick my technology addiction and just take in the beauty of my surroundings
  16. Forgive
  17. Don’t judge
  18. Be optimistic
  19. Dance
  20. Smile

See photo caption below…

Guilty Cord

This photo is the essence of what I need to work on.  I was getting ready for a weekend trip and I couldn’t find my phone charger anywhere.  I yelled and cried at my fiancé for probably a good 2 hours because I was sure he either took the cord or put it away somewhere.  I was anxious and upset and instead of looking in my purse, which was the last place I had it, I let my anxiety take over.  I found it the next day…right where I left it.

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Taking in the beauty of Florida at Westgate Resorts

After a wonderful night’s sleep at Westgate Lakes, in Orlando, FL, I was ready to make the most of the day, after my morning cup of coffee, of course.


The hardest part was choosing which activities to do.  There are a variety of water activities, kids activities, mini-golf, bike rentals and more.


But, first things first…breakfast.  First stop, Sid’s Deli, in the main lobby. As soon as you walk through the door you can smell the coffee.  They were brewing Starbucks coffee and had a variety of pastries.  It all looked, and smelled, amazing but I was more in the mood for a hot breakfast, so we started walking to Smokehouse Grill. It was so nice outside that we chose to walk instead of drive, but that didn’t last long.  We walked maybe a 15 steps before a golf cart pulled up besides us and asked where we were headed.  We told the man Smokehouse Grill and he told us to hop on.  Now that’s service.

Breakfast was a buffet style, all you can eat for $12.95. There were eggs, fruit, muffins, pancakes, potatoes, bacon, French toast and even an omelet station.


After we were nice and full, it was time to get out on the water.

We made our way, walking this time, to the boathouse where we had a variety of different options. They had kayaks, paddle boats, pontoon boats and fishing. Before we even arrived, I had my heart set on the kayak.


It was reasonably priced, only $6 for 30 mins out on the water. At first I was thinking, 30 mins wasn’t going to be enough time, but once out on the water I realized it was the perfect amount of time. I have gone kayaking 2 times before this, once in the Caribbean islands and another time in Rockford, IL, I forgot how much strength it takes to paddle through the water, especially when the wind and current begin to pick up. My fiancé and I had a good rhythm going and we made our way all around the lake, taking a few breaks to just sit and take it all in – and take some selfies. The sun was shining bright, but luckily it wasn’t unbearably hot.

IMG_6511IMG_6665  IMG_6515 IMG_6516

After that workout, we decide to go for something a little more suited for lazy people (hey, at least I’ll admit I’m lazy), a pontoon boat.  It was a bit faster than the kayak and easier on our arms.  It was so peaceful on the water.  Even more peaceful when I thought I had no cell service, but then I realized Instagram was just down.  Yeah, it was the weekend everyone thought the world was coming to an end because Instagram was down for 2 hours.

IMG_6525               IMG_6537 IMG_6529       20140412_132041_LLS

After all the exertion on the water, it was time to relax and eat again.

The pool bar was the perfect option. We ordered drinks, I got the drink special of the day, and a hot dog.  While we waited for our hot dogs, we relaxed in the sun and enjoyed music from the 80’s to today’s top hits being played by the live DJ.

IMG_6545 IMG_6552

I dozed off a bit but didn’t want to get too much sun so we went back to the room, freshened up, took a nap and then met the rest of the group to go to Downtown Disney.

IMG_6567 IMG_6560

I got to eat at one of my favorites, Bongos, for dinner and wandered around Downtown Disney the rest of the night.


IMG_6597              20140412_185248

It had been a long day. I immediately passed out as soon as my head hit the pillow. Now that I think about it though, I’m not sure if it was because I was exhausted or because the beds at Westgate are so comfortable.

I already have a list of things I want to do next time I stay at Westgate Lakes.

  • Serenity Spa
  • Mini-Golf
  • Rent Bikes
  • Order Pizza and watch a movie in the room
  • Visit all 8 pools

And the other activities available on property, but most of all, RELAX!

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