My Staycation at Westgate Lakes


If you are looking for some rest and relaxation, look no further than a stay at Westgate Resorts.


‘Staycation,’ that’s a trending word right now, but how many actually indulge in staying at a hotel or resort in their own home town?  I recently did, and it was amazing. In a way, it can actually be more relaxing than a regular vacation because for one, you don’t have to worry about the traveling by air and two, if you leave anything behind, you can just run home.
Luckily, I didn’t have to run home at all during my stay at Westgate Lakes. It was nice being able to leave work and go directly to the resort; I already felt relaxed. It’s just something about being away from home where the pile of laundry sits and stares at you all weekend saying “Iron me, fold me, put me away.” UGH!!! The voices never stop. There just seems to always be something at home that needs to get done, so this weekend was a much needed break from all of that.
I arrived on Friday after work for #WGLakesWeekend. The group took a quick tour of the property and then we were on our own. The first thing I wanted to do was check out the room and unpack a little.
wg room
I loved all the space.  A full-sized kitchen and a guest room with two over-sized twin beds, plus the living room was complete with a large flat screen TV and comfy leather sofas.  I felt right at home, and by right at home, I mean the home I wish I had.
I settled in a bit, checked out the massive Jacuzzi tub in the master bedroom, took a quick peek at the balcony and then made my way to dinner at Smokehouse Grill.
Westgate Lakes has multiple dining options on property, plus a general store, a coffee shop and various pool bars (which have amazing hot dogs, I’ll tell more about that in a bit). I had a hard time choosing what to order at Smokehouse Grill, both to drink and for dinner, everything sounded so good. I went for my go-to drink a Mojito and ordered the brisket tacos. The tacos were quite possibly the best tacos I have ever had, mmm…my stomach is rumbling just thinking about them.
From the restaurant I also had a great view of the sunset.
sunsetAfter dinner, rather than ordering dessert in the restaurant, we chose to make our own. On Friday nights you can make s’mores on property, I was all over that. My hair was also in it too. EEK! Yep, that happened.
smore collage
After I completely made a mess of that s’more, it was time to relax.  I really wanted to make it back to the room in time to watch the Disney fireworks from the balcony.  It was so peaceful outside, we sat on the patio and just listened to the rumble of the fireworks and the chirping of the crickets and croaking of the frogs in the water below.
balcony college
After lying out for awhile, and almost falling asleep to the sounds of nature, I realized the temperature had dropped quite a bit.  I was suddenly freezing (I’m a Florida girl and 65 degrees is cold to me), so I figured the best way to warm up was to take a nice hot bath in my swimming pool, oh I mean Jacuzzi tub.
And you bet I slept like a baby in my enormous, comfy bed. Perfect start to my staycation.
You can save on your stay at Westgate Resorts by calling 1-800-383-8850, and mention #WGLakesWeekend.

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