Not Everyday You Get To Hang with Sloths


That’s right…on my recent trip to Wild Florida I got to hang out with sloths, lemurs and gators. Bet you didn’t realize I kept such wild company.
wild florida
So, before I made all these new friends, I took a little trip through the headwaters of the Everglades on an airboat.  If you have never been on an airboat before, you should.  It is a little noisy, but it’s also peaceful.  I know those two don’t usually go together, but on an airboat it just seems to work that way.  Since an airboat is powered by a huge fan attached to a boat you find yourself gently gliding across the water through the brush and wilderness…until you STOP.  Shhh…don’t make too much noise because the reason you stopped is most likely because of a gator.IMG_5837We stopped to get a peek at this little guy sunning himself on the banks.  He was to my left, as the slightly bigger guy was to the right.20140402_091910_LLSOh, and look, there’s a pair of gators swimming away as we began to make our way into the open water.20140402_092914_LLSI think one thing I always seem to notice on an airboat tour is how beautiful the state of Florida truly is.  This is all untouched land; true Florida wilderness.20140402_090647 IMG_5682And just because it’s Florida, that doesn’t mean you can’t surf.20140402_095249_LLSEven the gators hit the waves.20140402_094952_LLSAnd you always have to be on the lookout for Bald Eagles.  Did you know, the state of Florida has the second largest population of Bald Eagles in the United States.  Alaska is number one, but it’s too cold there, I’d rather spot eagles in Florida.20140402_094558_LLSSee that giant nest in the tree?  That’s a Bald Eagle nest, and that bird you see there is a baby eagle.  Their heads don’t turn white until they are older, similar to humans.
After about an hour on the water, we began to make our way back to the dock.  Then we spotted this guy…20140402_100210_LLSThis was the biggest gator yet…and I’m sorry, I remember I was informed by our captain that this was the female.  The male was behind the brush, and much larger.IMG_5671AHHH…HE GOT ME!!! Just kidding!
After our adventures on the water, it was time to check out the wildlife park.  It was equally as beautiful as being out on the water.
IMG_5729 IMG_5732 I wish my backyard looked like that.
The wildlife park is home to many different animals such as Zorses, deer, turkeys, peacocks and slick little squirrels.20140402_103647_LLSIf you remember an earlier post of mine, I’m not a huge fan of squirrels.  They scare me and I think they are very mischievous animals.  This little guy proved me right.  He was stealing seeds from the bird feeder.20140402_103701_LLSWhile at the wildlife park, I made some REALLY good friends.IMG_5738
IMG_5782 IMG_5757 IMG_5809 20140402_105805_LLS 20140402_105826_LLSAll in a day’s works…

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