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A Magical Night in Diagon Alley

20140708-175914-64754792.jpgI have to say, Universal Orlando’s new Diagon Alley could easily turn anyone into a Harry Potter fan. After visiting for the Diagon Alley preview, I couldn’t wait to go home and watch the movies, just to see how spot on all of the details were.
Before we could enter Diagon Alley, we had to take Hogwarts Express from Hogsmeade to King’s Cross. I could see the train approaching the station by the steam coming from the engine. It slowly approached and then we were able to board.

We entered our cabin car, along with some other muggles, and made our journey towards London.  I grabbed a seat closer to the window so I could view the London countryside, while outside our cabin door I could hear some familiar wizard voices.

We exited the train once we arrived at King’s Cross.  I recently visited London, and consider myself a bit of a tube expert, so I was truly amazed by how much the station felt like the real thing.

We made it out to the street.  Once again, the attention to detail was incredible.

After a few brief words from some of the film actors, it was time to head inside and explore Diagon Alley. The first thing you see when you enter is the an enormous fire-breathing dragon atop Gringotts bank.

Before we jumped on the ride, we decided to explore Diagon Alley a little deeper.
First stop, Ollivanders. It’s where all wizards go to get their wands.  Hoping I might have a little wizard in me, I thought I would walk away with a wand that had chosen me.

No such luck.  I guess my wizardy side just wasn’t strong enough that night.

To ease my pain, it was time for ice cream. Butterbeer ice cream, that is.  

Following our sugar high, we were a bit out of it and ended up in the bad part of town.  We took the wrong turn and ended up in Knockturn Alley.  Wizards were all around, urging me to try their dark magics.  It was a bit scary.

    I needed to cleanse myself from all the dark arts, so I made an elixir to induce euphoria.

Worked like a charm, I was feeling in seconds.  All cleansed and ready to head Gringotts.

The goblins were hard at work, but we tried our best to distract them.  How often do you get to talk to a real-life goblin?
However, someone didn’t look too happy with me when I asked for a loan.After our escape, we wandered around, mingling with wizards.
And I even managed to take the first wizard selfie.

My night in Diagon Alley was a success.  I cannot wait to go back!

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