Experiencing Lake Charles, Louisiana #TMSLakeCharles

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I’m spending the week in Lake Charles, Louisiana for Travel Media Showcase where I will be sharing exciting news out of Experience Kissimmee.



So far, it’s been an adventure getting here but I finally made it.


Our famous Orlando thunderstorms decided to show off last night as I was getting ready to head out and delayed my flight causing me to miss my connection.  I did get to spend the night in Houston, TX for the first time though.



So first thing this morning, after a somewhat stressful evening, I hopped on a plane and made my way to Lake Charles.

I am excited to meet a great group of journalists, bloggers, travel writers and destination PR reps.


Be sure to follow along as I explore everything the destination of Lake Charles has to offer.

Tomorrow I am headed to Louisiana’s Outback.  I am going to get a glimpse of Louisiana’s marshlands, wildlife refuges, and Gulf Coast beaches (sounds like I’ll be right at home!!)

I like what I see so far…



The conference is being held at L’Auberge Casino Resort.  It is absolutely breathtaking. I might have to come back just so I can enjoy the lazy river 🙂



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