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Tough Mudder- Are You Tough Enough?

It’s a big weekend here in Central Florida.  More than 10,000 people will visit the Kissimmee destination for Tough Mudder.  Yesterday, I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at the course.  I wish everyone running this weekend good luck!

Tough Mudder Central Florida is a 10 mile course with various challenges (obstacles) dispersed throughout the course.  We were able to see some of these obstacles demonstrated.
The first demonstration was ‘Walk the Plank’

Followed by ‘Ladder to Hell’

Doesn’t look too hard…
And finally, our last demonstration ‘Funky Monkey’

Even I gave this one a try…

It is crazy to think 10,000 people will fill these fields this weekend.

And of course, before we make it back to the start, we pass by the infamous ‘Electro Shock,’ maximum voltage 7,500.

Good luck with that everyone, it looks terrifying.

After taking a behind the scenes tour of the Tough Mudder course, I was kind of regretting my decision not to participate, kind of.  I just know that if I did participate, I would get a lot dirtier than I got on the tour.

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