Home Sweet Home at The Green Tree Inn


The welcoming sense of coming home after a long day. Learning about local history from an area resident.  And a hearty breakfast to get the day started. Those are all the benefits of staying at a bed & breakfast.
Prior to my trip to Alton, Illinois, I had never stayed in a bed & breakfast. Now, I before I check those online travel sites for hotels, I will do more research on bed & breakfast’s in the area.
Just a few miles from Alton lies the small, very small town of Elsah.  Well, it is actually referred to as a village, the Village of Elsah.
I arrived at The Green Tree Inn in the evening, but could already tell this place was very unique, almost colonial.
The next morning, as day broke, I emerged from the comforts of my bed and warmth of my single bedroom to explore the area.  It was as if I had been transported back in time.
I was surrounded by peacefulness, and not only because I had limited cellphone service, but also because of the quaintness of the small village.
The streets weren’t congested with traffic, the homes were all built of wood and stone, and everything just seemed so simple. And, despite the brisk fall air, I felt warm.
I made my way to the living room where I was greeted by Connie, owner of the Inn, and the amazing aroma of a homemade breakfast.  I poured myself a cup of coffee as Connie began to serve breakfast. 
IMG_1015 IMG_1006
Homemade muffins, Quiche, poached pears, eggs; this is just a sampling of some of the items you might be served at Green Tree Inn.  As I enjoyed breakfast, Connie pulled up a chair next to me and began to tell me more about the village and its history.
The Village of Elsah was founded in 1853.  The landowner freely gave away lots of land to any who were willing to build their homes using stone from his quarry.  The small village then became a bustling shipping port where many goods produced by area farmers were transported along the Mississippi River.  The village is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and it is clear to see why.
I was amazed by its beauty while taking a stroll along the quiet streets.  Even if you aren’t staying in Elsah, I would recommend taking a short tour of the village.

 That’s my house there.  Right out of a Jane Austen novel; so charming.

To book a room at The Green Tree Inn, be sure to visit their website.  Make it your home away from home while visiting Alton and the surrounding areas.

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