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‘Eye’ Experienced a Record Setting Feat at The Orlando Eye

This morning, daredevil Nik Wallenda made history by walking across one of Central Florida’s newest attractions, The Orlando Eye.

20150429_073525Media spread out on the lawn below the giant wheel, as local restaurants came around with small breakfast bites and coffee, as we waited in anticipation for the big event.

You could feel the anxiety build as the wheel began making its move. We all knew Nik was inside one of the capsules.

20150429_081824The crowds went wild as he emerged and gave a wave.


Heavy rain showers were in the forecast for this morning, someone was looking out for Nik, and us. I had watched an interview earlier, his main concern was how slippery the finish was on the beams.  Can you imagine how slippery it would have been if there would have been rain?  My heart was already pounding out of my chest.


Throughout the entire walk, he was communicating with the TODAY Show.  I can barely walk and chew gum at the same time, but he was able to balance on a beam and talk to a major news network at the same time.  I really need to up my game.

20150429_082057I think this was a great way to reveal the new Orlando Eye to the world.  History was made.

The Orlando Eye opens on May 4th.  Click Here for more information on tickets and hours.

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Wish I Could Be Under the Sea at SEA LIFE Orlando

Take a magical journey under the sea and immerse yourself deep into a world of over 5,000 different sea creatures at SEA LIFE Orlando.


What makes SEA LIFE Orlando different from other aquariums?

With 30 displays, three ocean environments and a variety of interactive elements, including the Rockpool Experience, you will feel closer than ever to the underwater world.

20150427_162438_LLS  IMG_1402  

First up, stare an eel in the eye.

Eel CollageKids and adults can climb in these underwater bubbles that allow you to get up-close and personal with sea life.  These up-close experiences, highly themed areas and calming nautical sounds take you deep into an under water realm.  But I think the main attraction was the 360-degree shark tunnel.  Be careful not to slip or you might fall in the water, just kidding.  But honestly, I got pretty close to one of the tunnel walls and felt like I was going to make a splash.  It’s a crazy illusion.


          IMG_1558  IMG_1444

If I were to have made a splash, it would have quickly turned to a frantic swim. It’s an incredible experience to see a shark swim just above your head and then turn back the other way and swim beneath your feet, but it’s only incredible if there is a thick glass between you and that shark.  I just wanted to lie down on the glass and watch the fish swim around me for the rest of the evening.

But then I would have missed being photobombed by a ray.  They have a great smile.


I was able to make it through the entire journey without getting wet, until we reached the Interactive Rockpool.  Here you can touch and feel a variety of undersea creatures like starfish and sea urchins.  The starfish definitely did not feel like what I expected.  I don’t know why, but I kind of expected them to be slimy, no, not at all.  In fact, they kind of felt like rough cement or stone.

starfishThe Dive Log Book is another interactive element of SEA LIFE Orlando.



Throughout the aquarium you will find informational tid-bits which answer all the questions in your log.  This is a great activity for kids, and adults.

SEA LIFE Orlando opens May 4th, and is located in the same complex as The Orlando Eye and Madame Tussauds.  For more information, visit

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Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival on a Budget (Literally!)


So, funny story…my fiancé and I decided a couple weeks ago to check out Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival.  We had been once before, of course a week early, so we didn’t have a chance to try any of the fresh food and cocktails available at the outdoor kitchens throughout the park.

I had already scoured social media and decided exactly what I wanted to try.

Just as we were about to drive through the gates of Epcot, my fiancé realized he didn’t have his wallet.  Oh no…

Oh well, it will be fine.

We parked the car, got out and began walking, heading straight towards the iconic Spaceship Earth. My anticipation was mounting.  Plus, my stomach was growling, since I hadn’t had anything to eat yet that day.  Then, that’s when it happened, I realized I didn’t have my wallet either.  I had just swapped purses (curse of a women), and I left all my credit cards in my other wallet.  What now?

Well, luckily I has some random cash stuffed in my purse pocket and my fiancé had a bit in his pocket.  Debating on whether we should turn back or not, we decided to push forward and see what $40 some odd dollars could get us.  Here’s to eating and drinking around the world on spare change.


First stop, France or Fleur de Lys.


Gnocchi Parisien a la Provencal, Macaron Guimauve a la Fraise and La Vie en Rose Frozen Slush

Then we traveled to China or Lotus House


Vegetable Spring Roll and Kung Fu Punch

And finally, the Pineapple Promenade


Frozen Desert Violet Lemonade

  And, we still had some change to spare and it was a magical afternoon.



Click here for more information on Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival.  Event runs through May 17, 2015.


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