Wekiva Springs: A Central Florida Oasis

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I felt like I was in a scene from The Notebook –you know when Allie and Noah are out on the water, in a canoe, and all of a sudden it starts pouring down rain—yes, that happened on a recent trip to Wekiva Springs.
Just about 20 minutes north of Orlando lies this peaceful oasis of sorts. A perfect relaxing getaway, ideal for unwinding after a busy week.  I was literally forced to unplug since I was without cell service most of the day.  Normally the only way I can disconnect is when I am on a cruise, so it is nice to find these spots sometimes where you are forced to unplug from technology and just take in your surroundings.
After parking beneath the large oak and palm trees, I opened my door to the peaceful sounds of nature and kids splashing in the crystal clear waters just over the bridge connecting the parking lot to this natural sanctuary.
I wasn’t quite in the mood to go for a swim, so instead we ventured off onto a nature trail. It was tranquil, quiet and highlighted what I like most about Central Florida–going from urban to nature in just a matter of minutes.

Following the hike, we rented a canoe and set off into the water. I could see the bottom of the springs the entire time.

And then came the rain. Luckily, there were so many trees lining the waterway, we were able to keep cover until the rain shower passed.  We laughed as the giant raindrops from the tree leaves hit us in the face as we pushed our way back into the springs.IMG_7321
Soon we made our way to a river bend where to our surprise we found a small island. We thought about stopping for a bite to eat, but figured with the threat of rain looming from above, we should probably turn around and head back.
Now that the smell of food had awakened our stomachs, making it back seemed a little more challenging. Then the rain came down again, harder this time. This was The Notebook moment I was referring to. Despite getting soaked, there was still something tranquil about being out on the water, watching the rain drops dance on the surface of the spring.
Once we made it back, we jumped in the car, air on full blast to dry off, and drove just down the road to Wekiva Island. It was a quaint, rustic spot, perfect for concluding a wonderful day trip in Central Florida.

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