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Orlando King Cobra Found, There Goes My Weekend

It’s a bittersweet day for Orlandoans.  The King Cobra which escaped in early September has been found and taken back to its owner.  Now how will I discover new coffee shops, bars and fun attractions in Orlando? My weekends just got a little more boring.
Thanks to the King Cobra‘s run on the town, I found quite a few spots I plan to frequent more often.


Propagation Coffee in Mills 50 District

Lineage Coffee and Bookmark It. Bought this book and I plan on exploring more of the beautiful state of Florida.

Barnie’s Coffee Kitchen in Winter Park

That’s a lot of coffee.  I should probably do a post at some point on my unhealthy obsession with coffee.
To see what I’m talking about, follow @orlandokingcobra on Instagram. Happy slithering!
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