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Stepping into the Shadows of Florida's Tallest Lighthouse

I think one of the reasons people are so stressed nowadays is because we feel everything has to planned out, when in fact, that is what takes the fun out of the adventure sometimes.
A planner by nature, I always feel I have to have the course completely mapped out before I set forth, but that only causes stress and anxiety, whereas just going with the flow is fun and exciting.
This weekend for example, I had a few wedding things to take care of but after that I let my fiancé take the wheel.  We ended up in Ponce Inlet, just a few miles from Daytona Beach.  Growing up in Florida, I admit I am a bit sheltered and haven’t explored much of the state.  It’s sad, I know.  It’s such a beautiful state and so much to see and do.  So, just an hour and a half outside of Orlando we found ourselves in the shadow of Florida’s tallest lighthouse.

Standing at 175 feet tall, the lighthouse was completed in 1887 in what was then Mosquito Island.  Could you imagine living in a place called Mosquito Island in the 1880’s, no thank you!

We climbed 203 steps to the top of the lighthouse.  It was a struggle, but we powered through and our reward, beautiful views.

Below you could catch a glimpse of the shadow of the lighthouse and the Keeper’s dwellings, all of which you can explore.

I could only imagine what life as a Keeper must have been like.  Confined to this small area, and on call pretty much 24/7.
But what I found truly fascinating were the Cuban Rafts on display which had washed ashore just miles from where they now sit.  I can’t imagine what their passengers must have gone through, the stories they could tell.

One of the rafts appeared to be constructed out of a wooden palette fastened to a tarp and a car motor.

I hope the U.S. Coast Guard sticker means they made it safely ashore and are now living a better life.
As new rafts wash ashore, they will be added to this exhibit.
It was a beautiful day to explore a part of Florida I had never been to before. I can’t wait for the next adventure…where will it take me? Maybe riding animals through a shopping mall? More on that in a little bit…
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