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Street Art in Deep Ellum, Texas

In my last post, I shared my off the beaten path road trip to Paris, Texas. Another spot to check out while in the Lone Star State, Deep Ellum. I’m always on the lookout for good wall art, and Deep Ellum is basically wall art heaven, and totally Instagram worthy.

Between photo sessions, we stopped for lunch at Twisted Root Burger Co., a trendy little burger joint.

And instead of giving your name at the counter, just for them to screw up later, they give you a name, a celebrity name to be exact.

They also have a variety of different and unique meats to choose from, like venison, elk, lamb, ostrich, rabbit, camel, boar, beaver, kangaroo and more. I went with plain old beef because I’m boring like that.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to stay too long as I hear there is a pretty hopping nightlife. Oh well, next time.

Look, it’s a Dallas bull!
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