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Always take the scenic route through Florida

Heading due east from Orlando, we found ourselves entering Black Point Wildlife Drive, a 7-mile, one way maintained road designed for wildlife viewing from the comfort of your car.
While I love our hikes through Florida, sometimes it is nice to see it all from a well air conditioned car, especially during the summer months when temperatures can reach well into the 90’s.

This area was originally designed as a mosquito control impoundment. Water levels could be managed for the purpose of mosquito control. Now it’s a beautiful marshy area perfect for birding and wildlife viewing.

Keep a lookout for alligators in the water. These guys sure snuck up on us, or did we sneak up on them?

There are two hiking trails and several spots you can pull over and walk around a bit.

A self-guiding brochure can be picked up at the entrance and provides information on many of the plant and animal species you might see along the drive.

The drive is approximately 40 minutes through the park but will vary based on stops.
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