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U-Pick Season in Florida at Southern Hill Farms

Tis the U-Pick season in Florida!

Driving down the backroads, the signs all point to fresh fruits ready for picking. I’m a newbie to the whole fruit picking scene, so I get overly excited by the concept. My overflowing fridge will prove that.

This past weekend, we went to Southern Hill Farms for blueberries, peaches and flowers. This was my third time at Southern Hill Farms and as always such an enjoyable experience.

Before we went to work picking our fruit, we enjoyed a nice lunch provided by one of the many food trucks on the property. The food trucks offered everything from blueberry burgers and blueberry donuts to BBQ and brews. You have to try the blueberry donuts…AMAZINGGGG! After lunch, it was time to hit the blueberry fields.


Southern Hill Farms features 40 acres of blueberry crops, so there is plenty to pick from. They also have an extensive variety of blueberries, eight to be exact. Bet you didn’t know there were eight different varieties of blueberries?

A blueberry for everyone’s tastes for sure. Tart and sweet, large and small, and even extra juicy. Not sure which variety you like best? Go ahead and try a few before you start picking.

After the blueberries were picked, we made our way to the flower fields full of vibrant zinnias and sunflowers.


I honestly could have stayed in the sunflower field all day long. However, I think we were a bit early, as many weren’t in full bloom just yet. Just gives me a reason to go back before the picking season is over.


And finally, after picking almost 4 lbs. of blueberries and a lovely bouquet of flowers, it was time to pick some peaches.

This was my second time picking peaches at Southern Hill Farms and I highly recommend. The peaches are perfectly sweet and juicy, plus they have a white variety which was a whole new experience for me. Again, I had no idea there were different varieties of peaches. I told you I was new to all this.

Spring harvest season runs until mid-May. Hours are Tuesday through Sunday, from 9 am to 4 pm. Southern Hill Farms is located at 16651 Schofield Rd, Clermont, FL 34714. Go get pickin’

What are some of your favorite fruits to pick?

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