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Gator Bait- Adventures at Gatorland

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Almost didn’t make it through the day, the giant gator at Gatorland almost got me.  Luckily, I was able to crawl out of the mouth and make it to safety. I ran until I reached the Screamin’ Gator Zipline.  I was suited up in my harness and helmet and made my way to the first platform.  I walked up at least 100 steps and found myself at the platforms edge.  My only option was to zip across. I took the…

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St. James's Park, London, England


Going back to my trip to London… If you read some of my previous posts then you know I am a fan of parks, gardens and nature.  Florida provides the perfect setting for all those things, but I seem to find some of the most beautiful parks and gardens when I travel out of the state of Florida. All week as I was going back and forth through London in a taxi, we kept passing by St. James’s Park. I…

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