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Havana, Cuba Square One

Cuba Travel

As I began to write this blog post, I realized the wealth of information (and photos) I walked away with, so I decided to break up my Cuban adventure into various blog posts. I'll begin at square one, Plaza de San Francisco, the first of four historic squares we visited on our city tour.…

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Hats off to Paris, Texas!

Texas Travel

Between birthday celebrations, anniversaries, a wedding and just some good old R&R, I feel like I’ve been on the go more this summer and any summer prior. And I'm definitely not complaining about that. Travel is my passion.  One of a unique places I visited this summer—Paris, Texas.  It's a small town in Northeast Texas, about 2 hours from Dallas. …

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Coffee Breaks Make Great Dates

Life Like a Local Orlando Travel

Lately, I’ve been on the go a lot. Between weddings, anniversaries, family visits, it’s been awhile since I’ve had a quiet weekend at home. It was nice to not have any sort of plans or schedule this weekend and just play it by ear, exploring our own back yard. First up, Greenwood Urban Wetland Park. This beautiful oasis is plop in the middle of Downtown Orlando, but surprisingly quiet and peaceful. Thanks to the recent drought, water levels were surprisingly…

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Stepping into the Shadows of Florida's Tallest Lighthouse

Florida State Parks Travel

I think one of the reasons people are so stressed nowadays is because we feel everything has to planned out, when in fact, that is what takes the fun out of the adventure sometimes. A planner by nature, I always feel I have to have the course completely mapped out before I set forth, but that only causes stress and anxiety, whereas just going with the flow is fun and exciting. This weekend for example, I had a few wedding…

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