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Fall in Love with Nature in Alton, Illinois


Sometimes you find something in this world that is just so beautiful, it feels almost magical, and you just want to lose yourself in the moment.  That’s the way I felt on my recent getaway to Illinois. Mother Nature has a majestic way of showing off her brilliance, especially during the fall season. Breathing in the crisp air as I hiked through the woodlands of The Nature Institute made me feel alive.  The colors popped more and more with each…

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Experiencing Lake Charles, Louisiana #TMSLakeCharles

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I’m spending the week in Lake Charles, Louisiana for Travel Media Showcase where I will be sharing exciting news out of Experience Kissimmee. So far, it’s been an adventure getting here but I finally made it. Our famous Orlando thunderstorms decided to show off last night as I was getting ready to head out and delayed my flight causing me to miss my connection.  I did get to spend the night in Houston, TX for the first time though. So…

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