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Is Celebration Florida Your Cup of Tea?

For many first time visitors to the Town of Celebration, they aren’t quite sure what to make of it. White picket fences, perfectly manicured lawns, families on evening bike rides, it sounds ideal, doesn’t it? If you like living on a movie set, or as many refer to it, The Stepford Wives. You have to remember though, the Town of Celebration was built by the Walt Disney World Company back in the 90’s, and what is Disney if not the picture of perfection?


Walt Disney’s idea for Celebration was to make it indistinguishable from any other small town in the USA.

I find it quaint and picturesque and a place you should definitely see for yourself. Plus, it’s only about 10 minutes from the gates of Walt Disney World and has some incredible restaurants, so why not take a detour?

The most recent spot to open up is  Celebration Tea Room.


They have an extensive menu of teas, sandwiches, soups and desserts, ideal for a quiet  afternoon.

The rich decor transports you to another time and place and forces you to sit back and relax, something hard to find in the tourism capital of the world.

For those of you who are fans of Alice in Wonderland, the private room will give you all the feels. It’s so quirky and whimsical. I was just waiting for Tweedledee and Tweedledum to pop out. Hey, it’s close enough to Disney, it could happen.

Enjoy a spot of tea and a scone or two at Celebration Tea Room 🙂


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Happy First Day of Summer!

It’s not summer without a trip to the beach. And for me, it’s not summer without a trip to my favorite beach: Captiva!


While it has been a bit rainy and cloudy, I still managed to get enough sun to resemble a lobster. This is what happens when you only go to the beach once a year and try to soak up as many rays as you can in a few days. Oops.

Besides all that, it’s still the most relaxing and beautiful place to spend the first day of summer 🙂





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Bad Day: Shake it Off

I know I am centuries late to this one, but I am obsessed with Ryan Adams 1989 album. Not only are the acoustic melodies mesmerizing and the vocals soothing, but it is an exact cover of Taylor Swift’s 1989 album, just with a Ryan Adams spin.


My day began with me oversleeping, followed by the daily dig through my half unpacked suitcase for a clean outfit causing me to be late for work.  Already flustered because I was late, I knocked over a flower vase, drenching every paper, file and notebook on my desk.  Not the best way to begin a Thursday morning, at least it’s almost Friday.

With stress and anxiety quickly mounting, I decided to take my friend’s advice and listen to the Ryan Adams cover album. That’s it, I’m obsessed.  It instantly calmed all that nervous energy I’ve been carrying around.

I just haven’t been the same since I saw Taylor Swift on Halloween.  For one, my voice still hasn’t completely recovered from all the screaming, singing and shouting. I’ve definitely reached a new level in my love for Taylor, and this discovery was exactly what I needed.



If you haven’t heard his album yet, do it now! The whole album is available on Spotify, unlike Taylor’s 1989.

Hope my wedding guests don’t mind if the DJ plays a mix of Ryan and Taylor the entire 4-hours of the reception. I was going to ask Taylor to perform, but I’m guessing she will probably be busy.

Taylor: if you are available in April 2016, I’ll hold a spot for you; same goes for you Ryan.


That’s all for now.


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