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The Great Florida Manatee Migration of 2018

Last week Florida experienced winter for the first time in 4 years, at least that’s what the news was reporting.

I’m sure you probably saw the memes floating around social media: Floridians can handle category 4 hurricanes, but not winter. But hey, human beings weren’t the only ones struggling. Iguanas were literally falling from trees it was so cold, and manatees were making their way to warmer waters to get some cuddle time in.




Blue Spring State Park is a designated manatee refuge. When temperatures drop, the manatees make their way into the natural springs to stay warm. Water temperatures in the springs are a consistent 73 degrees year round.  During my visit, there were 495 manatees in Blue Spring.


That’s a record!!!


It sure was an amazing sight, seeing them slowly swimming along the banks, seeking out sunlight. Some were even playing in the waters.


These manatees were putting on a show for us, rolling around, doing flips and even flopping their flippers in and out of the water.


If you plan on visiting Blue Spring State Park, keep in mind, it can reach capacity quickly so try to go early. Besides manatee viewing, there is also a boat tour and museum.

The guided St. John’s River Cruise is both relaxing and informational, plus you’re sure to get a glimpse of even more wildlife and beautiful landscapes. Again, try to get there early.

Then take a self-guided tour through the Thursday House, built in 1872. The Thursbys left New York and arrived at Blue Spring by steamboat and became the spring’s first permanent settlers.


They sure had an amazing view, one you should check out for yourself.


Camping, scuba diving and nature trails are also available at Blue Spring State Park.


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Orlando King Cobra Found, There Goes My Weekend

It’s a bittersweet day for Orlandoans.  The King Cobra which escaped in early September has been found and taken back to its owner.  Now how will I discover new coffee shops, bars and fun attractions in Orlando? My weekends just got a little more boring.

Thanks to the King Cobra‘s run on the town, I found quite a few spots I plan to frequent more often.


Propagation Coffee in Mills 50 District


Lineage Coffee and Bookmark It. Bought this book and I plan on exploring more of the beautiful state of Florida.


Barnie’s Coffee Kitchen in Winter Park

That’s a lot of coffee.  I should probably do a post at some point on my unhealthy obsession with coffee.

To see what I’m talking about, follow @orlandokingcobra on Instagram. Happy slithering!

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