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My Next Big Adventure

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I am off to my next adventure‚Ķhosting a media FAM for 7 amazing bloggers. Part of my job is to host media in Kissimmee, Fl, to promote the destination and various campaigns we do throughout the year. This FAM is to promote the Rock Your Vacation contest; we are giving away a VIP trip to Central Florida to one winner and their entourage. Voting starts tomorrow. Last week my co-worker and I finalized all the plans for the FAM. It…

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My View from the Top of London


I’m spending a little over a week across the pond and so far I am loving it. The weather has been amazing; plenty of sunshine and not too cold. The last two days I’ve tried to spend as much time as possible outside enjoying this unusual London weather. I mean, I’m from Florida so I’m used to the sunshine, but when you think of London you don’t generally think of bright, sunny blueskies. As I mentioned, I was determined to…

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