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It’s incredible how much of a difference a week can make. A week ago today I was in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, enjoying the views from my cabin in the woods at Westgate Resorts.


Now, that cabin no longer exists. All that’s left is the memories thousands of people hold on to who travel to the Great Smoky Mountains year after year.


So much devastation in the blink of an eye. While I conscientiously labored through my emails today, the news served as a sort of white noise in the background as updates were made through the morning on the condition of Gatlinburg and the surrounding areas. I paid close attention, not only only because it’s a place I have traveled to several times, just last week in fact; but also because my family owns a mountain top resort just outside of Gatlinburg.

I let out a “gasp” when the news outlets finally announced that my family’s resort had been completely destroyed. Immediately, all those amazing moments I had last week came rushing back: reading on the balcony as the sun rose over the mountain tops, sitting by the fire place with hot chocolate in hand and all the wonderful interactions that I had with the incredibly welcoming staff. My heart was, and is, broken for all of them and everyone in that area.

I will cherish every moment I have spent in Gatlinburg, from a little girl in elementary school all the way up to college, and now a married woman. All I know, I can’t wait to go back.


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Westgate Town Center at Disney’s Doorstep #wgtowncenterweekend

Another great thing about staying at Westgate Town Center is that you are literally just minutes from Walt Disney World.  After a fun day at the resort, my fiancé and I hopped in the car and in a little less than 10 minutes we were parking at Disney.
IMG_7570It took us longer to take the monorail into the park than to drive from the resort to Disney.
20140510_214329_LLSWe made it just in time for the new ‘Celebrate The Magic’ show at Magic Kingdom.  It was breathtaking.
20140510_214608_LLSThey project various scenes from animated Disney films on to the castle.  I think my favorite was the Frozen scene when everyone in the crowd began to sing along and cheer.  IMG_20140510_221958Then shortly after, Wishes began20140510_221141_LLS 20140510_221225_LLS 20140510_221019_LLS 20140510_221029_LLS 1399781819133 20140510_220933_LLS
It was the perfect ending to a fantastic day.
There is nothing better than a stress free drive to Disney.  No traffic, no highways, no hassle. I LOVE Westgate!!!



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Top Five Things to do at Westgate Town Center #WGTownCenterWeekend

I recently spent a weekend at Westgate Town Center in Kissimmee, Florida.  With the variety of activities and things to do at and around the resort, a weekend is just not enough, so I have narrowed it down to my Top Five.

1. Fuel Up with Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Fuel up at Drafts Sports Bar and Grill, which features a wonderful breakfast buffet each morning.  I’ve never been much of a buffet person, but this is not your average buffet. It includes eggs, potatoes, sausage, biscuits and gravy, French toast, yogurt, seasonal fruit and more, plus coffee and juice and all for less than $12 per person.  It was the fuel I needed for the busy day ahead.


2. Play Outdoors

Westgate Town Center has everything from mini-golf to bike rentals to paddle boats and swan boats.  First up, a bike ride.  The hour long rental was the perfect way to explore the beautiful resort.   We rode around through the town center all the way to the vacation villas, made a stop at Joe’s Marketplace & Deli for some water, and to cool off a bit, and back around the resort again.  We rode around until we could count all 14 pools, but that task was a little more difficult than we thought.



Following the bike ride, we decided to rest a bit before our next excursion.  It was nice to just sit and people watch for a bit.

IMG_7495But I wasn’t about to waste too much time because we had a lot to do.

Next up…Swan Boats on Swan Lake.

IMG_7427  IMG_7529



20140510_134628_LLSBy the end of the swan boat adventure, our legs were feeling a bit like jelly, so it was time to head inside for some indoor activities.

I got a little distracted watching Frozen, as other 5 and 6 year olds joined me.



The Swan Lake Activities Center was playing Frozen on loop the entire weekend.  I didn’t mind at all hanging with the 5 and 6 year olds singing “Let It Go.”

3. Release Your Inner Artist

My fiancé and I signed up for candle making.  You begin with a blank canvas and about a dozen different paint colors and the activities staff lets you loose to create a work of art, even down to the color of the wax.  Since it was Mother’s Day weekend, I decided to design a gift for my mom, my fiancé decided to do the same.

candlesAdam’s lovely candle is on the left, I giggle every time I see it.  What is it?? No one knows! But his mom loved it.   Mine isn’t much better; my artistry does not extend to paints.  We had a great time and laughed a lot.  I would love to go back and make more candles.

20140510_130618 IMG_7514

I’ll definitely be back when the water park opens up, so I can make more candles then 🙂


4. Take a Bath

When your bathtub is the size of a small swimming pool and lights up like a disco, how could you not take a bath?



 5. Relax

That’s right, when you are on vacation the number one priority should be to relax and spend quality time with the ones you love.  Westgate Town Center is the perfect relaxation spot.  With 14 pools, spacious rooms and a variety of resort activities, just let everything go and enjoy the moment.


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